Free Crowdsourcing App for Mobile Responsive-Design Testing

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Access to Real Devices

Users with real devices can see your URLs and send real screenshots. No more buggy emulation! Test your website on real devices instead of creating your own suite of testing devices and emulation virtul environments.

Earn money testing websites

Sign up and help others improve the web while geting paid per screenshot you take if your device is selected. Enter your own URL for others to test and pay based on the number of screenshots you need.

Advertise your website and efforts to be mobile-compatible

It takes a lot of effort to redesign a traditional desktop-oriented website to work in a mobile and responsive context. We help to give you exposure and tell people you're ready for mobile! Allow others to rate your effort for extra recognition.

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Marq.Me's QuickWin Mobile Responsive-Design Testing App helps us test our Mortgage and Insurance Web Applications on a broad range of Mobile Devices

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We are proud to release another Marq.Me App using the free Mobile API helping web developers and designers prepare their sites for mobile users.

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Why We Built the App


MyStream Web Development provides web development and design services for web applications and traditional websites. As a developer, your clients expect their website or web application to work well on every device and size of display with all the latest features they expect.

In many cases, you can install the latest browsers, creating profiles for different versions. You can even create virtual environments to test different operating systems. Where you have to test a mobile device, you have to use emulators or invest in hardware. For most small companies, emulation will get you past most of the common cases, but there are still edge cases where it's impractical to test in the budgets the client has and in the time you have.

So, really, there's no substitute for seeing what your site looks like on a real device. QuickWin came up with a simple solution. Use the free Marq.Me API to create a platform for crowd-sourcing testing of mobile-designs and responsive-themes.

Check out some of our recent screenshots done on our iPhone App.

Pricing Guide


QuickWin's Marq.Me app uses a very simple pricing structure. Every URL entered can be tested on any of the devices that users have linked to the app. We ping out the URL to members at random who have a device of the type you specify. You pay for the number of screenshots you need. If the screenshots are provided, we charge £1.00 per screenshot, pay the Stripe Fee (2.9%+30p, which is 33p) and credit 50p to the member who took the screenshot you asked for and we retain 17p. That's it. There are no hidden charges and no refunds below £5.00 because we are using a micropayment model. If you spend £5.00 or more and don't receive the screenshots you asked for we will refund your payment less any charges by Stripe for processing.

So, if you want to take screenshots to help web developers make the web more awesome, you could signup to receive payments at £0.50 per screenshot you take with our app. You will be paid automatically weekly with the credit in your account.

So, what are the benefits?


Testing on multiple devices can be a pain, and even at a micropayment level, getting that final bug solved can be difficult. QuickWin's app is working on extending the app to allow you to create groups of developers who can not only take screenshots but also help you debug your application and provide you with other metrics, such as loading time, user experience issues, etc.

You will be able to set up your own testing groups as a web development business to crowdsource testing on as many devices as you need without hardward investment.

We are Developers too


We are also developers and we're using the app to help our clients and colleages test their websites. If we want a feature, you probably want a feature and if you don't like something, then it's likely others don't either. Let us know what you think, what you want to see and how we can improve the App and help you help us improve the web!

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